Arenda Breevaart

From my background as a fitness and aerobics instructor and orthomolecular dietitian, I started doing a Yoga course in 2011 for more depth, spiritual development and inner peace.

What drives me in life is growth and awareness to get closer to the core of my being. And I also wish that for others. My blueprint in is to inspire others and make them feel happy, to experience the fullness of life. I do that at the level of nutrition, exercise and awareness through Yoga and meditation. The more all our systems are in balance, the happier we become and the deeper we can dive into ourselves. In the Yoga classes and during retreats you will be taken on this journey that always IS.

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Jonah Korver Hanzlik

I have been working with Elements Yoga since 2017 and give the Reconnective Healing® sessions during the retreats. During those 2 years I have experienced many beautiful and moving moments with the participants and this is also what makes this adventure every retreat. I did the training in California with Eric Pearl ( and am a Level II Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. I continue to develop this energy and learn from every interaction and incorporate it into my treatments.

At some retreats I work as the ‘chef the cuisine’ and make all the food for our guests. I have 12 years of experience as working als a chef in different restaurants.